I saw Disney's animated "Frozen" this past weekend. It is a fun ride through a cold landscape, with lots of singing and some memorable characters. I again applaud the genius who has decided to give the horses and reindeer starring roles in these new Disney features. The horse in 'Tangled' set the bar very high, but the reindeer in 'Frozen' is pretty darn good.

However, the short cartoon that precedes 'Frozen' is an unexpected treat that almost overshadows the feature.

'Get A Horse' shows off the imagination of a good set of animators and writers. It makes the audience think they're going to watch an old Mickey Mouse cartoon, with non-wide screen black-and-white treatment... then, as the battle between Mickey and Pegleg Pete gets rolling, the old screen fails to contain all the action. With a rip or two, the characters come out into the present world, and stage a fast and furious 'through the looking glass' sequence that also shows off the best of 3D film.

Speaking of 3D - if you have a choice of seeing 'Frozen' in regular or 3D in your favorite movie theatre, pick 3D, if only for "Get A Horse.'

'Get A Horse' has already been nominated for an animation award (as has 'Frozen,' by the way).

One last thing and a tip-of-the-hat, the producers grabbed soundtracks from the old Disney cartoons and actually used the first person to do Mickey's voice - Walt Disney, himself.