Last year, I listed my favorite scary, funny and just plain good Halloween-viewing movies.

To recap, in no particular order - "The Haunting" (with Juliet Mills and Claire Bloom), "Young Frankenstein" and "Alien."

I'm adding the 1922 silent film "Nosferatu" to that list, partly because it has the creepiest vampire on film who amazingly didn't have to use much make-up, and for images that have stood the test of time - the shadows on the stairway near the end of the film. By the way, the foreign film remake "Nosferatu the Vampyre" from 1979 with Klaus Kinski is worth a look, if only because of the way he kind of "flies" across the town square. Spooky.

This year, it's on to books, coming from a conversation with Mara and Shawn at Hamilton's Chapter One Book Store. I've selected "The Shining" as a book that succeeds in sending chills up your spine in a number of places - like Room 317. And, as much as I admire Stanley Kubrick's talent, he missed the point when he made "The Shining" movie. Read the book.

Another book that has some good "chill" scenes is "Ghost Story" by Peter Straub. He captures the feeling you sometimes get that you are not alone, and that it might be better if you would just walk or run Yes, they made a movie, too. It was not bad, but the book was better.

Radio - There's some great scary stuff available that has aired on radio over the years. From the "Escape" radio series, I've always liked Vincent Price in "Three Skeleton Key." The best version is from 1950, hosted by Orson Wells, of course. The story takes place on an isolated lighthouse and involves rats. You can find it on-line. Listen with the lights off!

Happy Halloween!