Dominic Farrenkopf has raised thousands of dollars for the Bitterroot Youth Home over the years, and is doing it again!

The event is called 'Give that boy a haircut' and tickets are now on sale for a drawing that will allow the winner to cut Dominic's hair in any style they wish. Dominic will keep the style for at least a week following the cut, which is scheduled for June 6th at his place of employment, Sapphire Lutheran Homes.

Dominic has been letting his hair grow since a trim in August of last year and as you can see (see photo), the styles are imaginative.

If you want to get a 'head start' on the contest, you can buy tickets for $5 each by calling Sapphire Lutheran Homes at 363-2800 or if you see Dominic on the streets of Hamilton, stop him. He's always got a ticket for sale.

We will continue to post photos of some of the previous styles Dominic has endured over the years.