Game of Thrones ratings haven’t quite outpaced the Season 6 premiere, where everyone and their mother understandably tuned in for a potential Jon Snow return, but Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards” will likely come close. Reports suggest the epic showdown will continue a trend bringing Season 6 to 23 million viewers across all platforms, a new high for the series.

As reported by USA Today, overall Sunday premiere ratings are up 6% (or 7.3 million viewers), while HBO Now and HBO Go viewership has risen 70 percent over last season. Now, as of June 17, Game of Thrones Season 6 has averaged 23.3 million viewers across all platforms, up 15% from Season 5.

Mind you, those ratings details exclude the data for Sunday’s coming 69-minute finale “The Winds of Winter,” while Season 5's finale brought the highest ratings all season. Also worth noting, HBO’s data doesn’t reflect streams with more than one viewer, for those who like to enjoy their Game of Thrones bloodbaths socially.

The Game of Thrones heat isn’t likely to flicker anytime soon, Winter or otherwise, especially as the network looks toward a final two seasons of seven and six episodes apiece. HBO has yet to declare a formal Season 7-8 plan, but tune in for “The Winds of Winter” this Sunday, and see if Season 6 ranks as the biggest Game of Thrones run ever.