This Saturday June 18, Garnet Ghost town is coming back to life. The Garnet Preservation Association will be hosting its annual  Garnet Days to celebrate the old mining town according to Park Ranger Nacoma Gainan.

“We’ll make ice cream from ice,” Gainin said. “We’ll do pie auctions, we’ll have old time music and we’ll have a sheriff walking around deputizing the young kids and a watermelon eating contest. We try to keep it as authentic to the period as we possibly can living in the 21st century.”

Garnet days is not just for the kids as there will be activities for adults and parents to enjoy at the park.

“We have a couple of guest speakers this year,” Gainin said. “We have a lady that’s bringing in a  loom so she’s going to spin turn some wool and do some stuff like that and of course we have the tours.  It happens the third Saturday in June every year. It’s going to go up until four-thirty or five o’clock but typically we run right up five o’clock.

Admission for the event is free for children under the age of fifteen, everyone else can get in for  $3.