We had heard rumors that the price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas would drop below $3 by Christmas.

That didn't happen, but the new rumor was the $3 barrier would be broken by New Year's Eve.

That didn't happen, either.

Then, Congress passed legislation that made the Stock Market happy and stocks jumped. We figured we had lost the window of opportunity for "below $3" gas. We were wrong.

Thursday afternoon, word came to us from Missoula that some stations were under the $3 glass...er...uh...Gas ceiling. We checked our prices here in Hamilton (only 50 miles away) at 4 p.m. Surely, they would follow Missoula.

That didn't happen. It was still $3.02.9 per gallon.

Finally, another check after 5 p.m. There it was - $2.98.9 for regular unleaded gas.

It happened. I may start driving again!