The Geminids meteor shower has been more active in recent years, and astronomers are predicting a pretty good show this year - notwithstanding the moon.

The moon is 'waxing toward full' in the night sky and will wash out the dimmer meteors in this shower, but there will be quite a few that will leave a trail, even if the moon is up.

Thursday night, December 12, and Friday night, December 13, are the best viewing nights, with the moon setting a bit earlier Thursday night (actually, Friday morning before dawn).

The most intense part of the storm is probably going to be Friday night into Saturday morning, according to meteor-watchers. And the northern latitudes are best for viewing... that includes the Bitterroot Valley.

Bundle up and take a look. In fact, after you get out of the Thursday night midnight showing of the Hobbit at the Pharaohplex, take a look up. That should be a good time period... if it's not cloudy!!