Dominic Farrenkopf knew he was in for special treatment when his wife was appointed to cut his hair by the winner of the "Give That Boy A Haircut" fundraiser in Hamilton.

The Saturday shearing went well. However, now you can't tell if Dominic is coming or going! And, yes, the sunglasses on the back of his head are the result of finely carved and styled hair. The longest hair on his head make up the backwards moustache.

Farrenkopf's fourth annual haircut event raised over $2,600 for the Bitterroot Youth Home for their summer activities. He was happy to raise more money than the previous year by selling $5 tickets for the opportunity to cut his hair.

A random drawing last Wednesday produced the winner - Farrenkopf's sister-in-law in Alaska. She immediately brought Dom's wife onboard and they suggested he bleach his hair and get only two colors of hair dye. The design was kept secret.

The actual haircut, in front of a public audience, was Saturday June 1 at Sapphire Lutheran Homes, where Farrenkopf is Director of Community Life. During the 'styling,' (according to contest rules), Dominic was not provided a mirror and only saw the results when the cut was done. He liked it.

He will be "two-faced" for a week before he's allowed to change the design.