There was a wiener dog race as part of the Bark in the Park activities September 14 in Hamilton.

The winner of this summer's Daly Days races was the winner for this race, too! Gunny, trained by Kendra Hale of Hamilton, was first across the line and earned the First Place ribbon.

It was an easier win for Gunny, with only a couple of other competitors, instead of the crowded competition during Daly Days. But, with the win, Gunny becomes the all-around 2013 Champion in the Bitterroot Valley.

We need one more wiener dog race for a Triple Crown contest. The odds-makers would probably put Gunny as a favorite.

Bark in the Park was a fundraising afternoon for dogs and their human families, with proceeds going to the Bitterroot Humane Association, operators of the Bitterroot Animal Shelter on Fairgrounds Road.