Crews continue to make progress on two projects that are causing some detours or delays on Hamilton streets.

A major repair and replacement of a water main on South 3rd Street will finish up this summer, according to the Public Works Department. Two blocks have been blocked off as the old line was dug up and replaced. After the new line is hooked up and buried, paving will be scheduled curb to curb in the affected area.

Meanwhile, on Fairgrounds Road, another sidewalk project leading to the Hamilton High School is now laying concrete. The sidewalk and walking path on the north side of the street will finish up in a month, according to officials. However, in the middle of July, the main road into Stonegate will be temporarily closed, requiring residents to use Providence Way to the east of the main entrance.

The City of Hamilton and the construction crews thank the public for their continued patience.

New sidewalk along Fairgrounds Road. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)