Four high school basketball games are on tap for listeners this week on KLYQ. This is the final full week of regular season games before Class A Divisionals in Dillon February 23-25.

We have some valley battles for listeners at 1240 AM Tuesday and Saturday.

Hamilton and Stevensville played at Dale Berry Court in Hamilton High School Monday night when the Lady Broncs host the Lady Yellowjackets. Then, Tuesday the Hamilton Broncs host the Yellowjackets in boys competition. And, if you've attended any of Stevensville's games this year at the Stevensville gym, you know that the fans from the north valley will be coming to Hamilton with their team. Each game will be on the air, with play-by-play by Owen Burch, starting between 7pm and 7:30pm.

Then, a double-header on Saturday, when Corvallis will host the other two games of the week, with the Broncs and Blue Devils in a 2:30pm game, and the Hamilton Lady Broncs against the Lady Blue Devils at about 4pm at the Corvallis gym.

Now, that's not all the basketball available to high school fans this weekend in the valley. The 6B District Boys and Girls Tournament will be at the Hamilton gym Friday and Saturday with Florence-Carlton, Missoula Loyola and Deer Lodge in town. Play-in games Tuesday between both the girls and boys teams of Ronan and St Ignatius will determine the fourth team in each bracket. The sessions starting at 12 noon Friday and Saturday.

Of course, next week, the Western B Boys and Girls Divisional will be filling the Hamilton High School gym from Wednesday through Saturday. Attend the games and cheer on the kids!