The mail-in bond election in the city of Hamilton ends Tuesday evening, March 21.

The Ravalli County Election Office has received less than half of the 2,578 ballots that were mailed out at the first of the month.

Officials reported 1,010 ballots received as of Friday afternoon.

Those who have not yet returned their ballots should get them in the mail by the end of Saturday. The ballots have to be in the county election office by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

If you haven't mailed your ballot by Saturday, you'll need to take it the the Ravalli County Clerk and Recorders Office in the County Administration Building on South 4th Street and drop it off.

The issue is a 1.35 million dollar bond to buy the former National Guard Armory on Main Street and the six acres of property at North 10th and Main that includes Claudia Driscoll Park and a parking lot.

The city would like use the building as a Justice Center, moving the Hamilton Police Department and Hamilton City Court out of an overcrowded City Hall on South 2nd Street. Bond passage would allow the city to own the Claudia Driscoll Park, which has been used as park for many years with permission from the National Guard.

Passage of the bond would raise taxes on a $100,00 home by $17.89 a year for 15 years, according to information in a voter information pamphlet, mailed to Hamilton residents.