Hamilton residents got outside this weekend to start work on their lawns and trees to coincide with the City of Hamilton's Spring Clean-up Days Monday through Wednesday.

The city crews will be picking up bagged leaves and bundled tree branches from the curbside of the residential areas of Hamilton. No Rocks, dirt or trash. The small branches must be bundled and tied with branch diameter not to exceed four inches and the branch length less than four feet. If your items are not in compliance, the crew will place a red tag on them along with an explanation of the problem. Once you've corrected it, you can call the Public Works Department at 363-6717 and they'll come get it.

The pickup is free for Hamilton residents only and the schedule is:

  • Monday April 14 - Northwest of Main to Highway 93
  • Tuesday April 15 - Southwest of Main to Highway 93
  • Wednesday April 16 - East of Highway 93
  • This citywide cleanup is done twice a year - spring and fall.