Jenny Flores of Utah was crowned the International SUPER Ms at the 2013 America's SUPER Pageant in Hamilton, MT, June 23rd.
The America’s SUPER Pageant delegates, who represent state, country and international titles have beauty, style, poise, intelligence, confidence, and a strong desire to improve the world around them by promoting a personal platform and/or the national Safety Belt Use & Awareness Platform. A total of 23 women came from as far as South Florida, vying for the title. They ranged from 8 to 50+ years of age.

The America’s SUPER Pageant is a platform based event for fastening safety belts. The pageant was created by Hamilton resident Janet Bierer after she lost her daughter in a car accident in 2010.

During preliminaries, the state titleholders stayed at the TownHouse Inn and had the opportunity to go out into the community of Hamilton shopping, signing autographs, being interviewed at KLYQ, attending classes on Seat Belt Safety and Drinking & Driving topics, attend the farmers market, and participate in collecting data for the Ravalli County Buckle Up Coalition. Contestants were recruited to do an audit of how safety belt compliance was measuring up in the city of Hamilton, Montana. At four separate stations along Hamilton’s main road, teams were set up on opposite ends of the road to see if drivers and passengers were wearing their seat belts.

Contestants had five minute panel interviews conducted by judges Randy Eppinger, the Hamilton Schools Resource Officer, Kevi Berger of the Hospice Care Foundation of Missoula, Tina Lubignahl- a Responsible Alcohol Sales Instructor, Deputy Tod Woofard, Charmel Owens of the Ravalli County Prevention Coalition, and Juli Balenger of the Mineral County Seat Belt coalition.

Many of the contestants also were interviewed on the PageantLive weekly podcast. Returning Queens; Sierra Waltman of Kalispell, Madyson Bradford of Texas, Dana Henry & Janine Henry of Oregon and Stephanie McGrane of Minnesota participated in all of the events leading up to the pageant, before crowning their successors.

The results:
Pageantry Spirit Award: Salinas Callison of Missoula
Dan Stockwell Memorial $500 cash Award for extraordinary promotion of the pageants platform of Seat Belt Appearances : Terra Jolene and Wendy Lindberg of Minnesota (8 year old Terra intends to buy new bikes for her siblings)
Overall Formal Wear: Rebekah Cook of Ennis, MT.
Congeniality: Jenny Flores of Utah
Overall Interview: Jenny Flores
Little Black Dress/Platform Presentation: Jenny Flores
Overall Athletic Wear: Jenny Flores
Overall Swimsuit: Mikaela Bruer of Oregon
Photogenic: Nicole Miceli-Pawlowski of Illinois
Preteen Miss Pageant Gal: Alaysia Nelson from the Twin Cities

America's SUPER Hope Princess - Clair Carmody of Corvallis
America's SUPER Preteen – 1st Runner Up : Danara Jolee Greer of Florence, MT
America's SUPER Preteen 2013: Rebekah Cook
America's SUPER Teen – 1st Runner Up: Shelby Heston of Iowa
America's SUPER Teen 2013: Mikaela Bruer
America's SUPER Miss – 1st Runner Up: Ashley Christensen of Oregon
America's SUPER Miss 2013: Nicole Miceli-Pawlowski
America's SUPER Mrs. – 1st Runner Up: Amie Jelich Yaniak of Illinois
America's SUPER Mrs. 2013: Autumn Short of Idaho
America's SUPER Classic – 1st Runner Up: Pam Kreutsberg of Minnesota
America's SUPER Queen 2013: Wendy Lindberg of Minnestoa
Int'l SUPER Ms. – Jenny Flores of Utah