It was a matter of time.
The Hamilton City council, at its regular council meeting March 20, voted unanimously to cut down the remaining original trees at Legion Park on South Second Street.

The three cottonwood-hybrids are about 80 to 100 years old and are the last to be taken down in the park. Others have gone year by year, as some died and others dropped branches.

However, the park is currently undergoing a major renovation project. It started with the removal of the old slide, swings, play area and picnic shelter last year. The new design calls for more sidewalks, handicapped accessible areas, an improved kids playground, remodeled bathrooms and permanent shade structures. The plans call for more trees, too.

Organizers of the summer concert series "Tuesday at 12" have been waiting to see what condition Legion Park would be in when they start the free series in late June. The series is being planned, but the Ravalli County Museum lawn - a half-block away - is the official "backup" location.

Park manager Terry Cole told KLYQ that the trees might be removed by the end of March.

If you have historic photos of Legion Park before any of the large trees were removed, send 'em to us at: and we'll post them here on the website and on our Facebook page.