Drawing on work done since the first of the year, the Hamilton Downtown Master Plan will be officially presented to the City Council Tuesday evening, June 17.

The public was involved with many of the outreach efforts, including surveys and public meetings. Now, the conclusions from Marketek and Fischer Bouma will be discussed by the Hamilton City Council.

The study included looking at existing conditions, reaching out for public opinions, and preparation of a strategic action plan.

The Act Plan has four sections:

  • 1. Business Vitality
  • 2. Promotion and Image Building
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Organization of implementation and timeline
  • A citizen advisory committee and the City Council helped develop key plan concepts and defined the actions that might be implemented. Those actions include:

  • Develop a gateway to downtown and safe pedestrian access at Main and US93 intersection.
  • Increase customer foot traffic.
  • Determine the right business "mix" for downtown.
  • Address parking concerns
  • Understand how to fill building vacancies
  • Create a "think About Hamilton First" marketing plan.
  • Focus on the best opportunities for success
  • Details that came out of the study included weak directional signage, how to alter historic buildings properly, how to use upper story spaces of downtown buildings, make zoning work better.

    The study is online at the Hamilton city website.