The annual Hamilton area public fireworks display will soar into the sky at dusk Wednesday evening, July 4th.

And, as expected, it will be at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds.

Always, the question is - When is dusk? If there are partly cloudy skies (as is predicted), the ka-booms won't be happening until about 10pm.

The display almost didn't happen this year, and each year is short on funds. In fact, even if the account set up by the City of Hamilton does cover this year's expenses, city officials would really appreciate seed money for next year's display. So, give 'em some bucks for your bangs.

Again, a reminder about fireworks anyplace else. The Hamilton downtown area is fireworks-free. And fines will be levied in that area. Elsewhere in Hamilton, though, you can have some fun with the fountains, sparklers and aerial shells.

Do NOT take your fireworks out into the woods. They are prohibited in the Bitterroot National Forest, at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks sites and on some private lands, too.

After you've had fun blowin' stuff up, check around the area for any smoke or smouldering areas. Be careful, and don't let your kids play with fireworks without adult supervision.

The Missoula fireworks will be July 3rd at the Osprey game and July 4th at Southgate Mall.