Once again, the City of Hamilton has opened a bank account to collect donations for the public fireworks display on the Fourth of July.

The annual event will again be at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds. Through the years, various groups - from the Hamilton Volunteer Firemen to the now-defunct Bitterroot Jaycees to the Bitterroot Stock Farm Club have paid for the pyrotechnics at different times.

For the last few years, the City of Hamilton has started the fundraising with the bank account and some "seed money." So far, $5,000 has been raised, but at least $10,000 is needed in next few weeks to order the public displays. This year, Mayor Jerry Steele is reaching out to Bitterroot Valley communities to help fund the fun, since families from throughout Ravalli County come to the display.

If you can help, contact the City of Hamilton offices at (406) 363-2101.