Hamilton High School has announced the names of student-athletes who have achieved Academic All State while lettering in a Spring Activity.

In order to attain All State status you must letter in a varsity sanctioned MHSA activity and have a cumulative 3.50 grade point average or better, based on a standard 4.00 GPA scale.

Track and Field

Jaylee Albert, Sara Amish, Tess Gallagher-Clancy, Meghan Kratofil, Sammi Kratofil,  Annika Moore, Jenny Smith, Kaitlin Stromberg, Camie Westfall, Easton Albert, Greg Beck, Seth Mason, Dace Moerkerke, Anthony Schmalz.


Beth Bitterman, Nicholas Hudson, Resse Isherwood, Aaron Mead, Ivar Ogden, Hannah Peterson, Cecilia Quinlan, Ethan Selig, Jill Toews, Cody Tredik.


Rebecca Lyons, Kendra Newton, Kiley Newton, Tayler Reynolds, Taylor Goligoski, McKayl Rothie, Kaytlyn Menk.