The Hamilton High School boys track team won the State Class A title by two points Saturday. It was historic.

The last time the team had won a state title was in 1959 in Class B. Second place went to the Corvallis boys and it came down to the finish of the final relay. At the end of the day, Hamilton had 64 points, Corvallis had 62. Whitefish was third with 58 and Stevensville had 45 for a fourth place finish.

Meanwhile, the Corvallis girls won their 4th consecutive state title with an overwhelming 50 point margin over Belgrade. Corvallis scored 129.5 points and Belgrade had 80. Hamilton's girls placed sixth.

Sirens and fire trucks greeted the Hamilton team as they returned to town late Saturday and were escorted to the high school by the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department (see photo).