The folks in Hamilton want to know more about diabetes. And on upcoming Tuesday evenings, they will gain some knowledge.

Last year, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, with help from the Marcus Daly Hospital Foundation, held a series of short classes about diabetes. They were free, too. The classes were packed and the hospital immediately saw that another series would be a good idea.

Four of the six free sessions this year will be "round table" sessions where the participants can get into smaller groups with the doctors and specialists for more detailed questions. Because of the unique setting (only 30 people allowed), those wishing to attend need to RSVP to the hospital. Already, it looks like each of those "round tables" will have two sessions to handle the demand.

  • The first hour-long meeting will be January 24, when April Weinberger, MD, of Corvallis Family Medicine, will address the general topic "Living with Diabetes."
  • January 31, "Diabetes and Medications" will be the first round-table, with Larry Brouwer MD, Keith Brown RPh and Kellie Jones RPh discussing Medication Knowledge, Targets for Diabetes Care, and Importance of Keeping a Strict Schedule on oral medications and insulin.
  • February 7, "Doc Talk, Taking Care of Diabetics" is the next round-table with John Moreland MD, Mark Calderwood MD and Jason Cohen MD and Hospitalist, discussing heart, eye and kidney care.
  • Feb 14, "Nutrition and Diabetes," round-table number three, with April Weinberger MD and Janelle Campbell, MS, RD, CDE, with the topics of Meal Planning, Carbohydrate Counting and Diabetic Friendly Snacks and Desserts.
  • February 21, an open lecture from Frederick Ilgenfritz MD about Tips to Recognize sores and wounds for Diabetics.
  • Feb 28, "Diabetes and Exercise," the final round-table conducted by the Marcus Daly Rehabilitation Center's Holly Jarvis, Pete Dunn and Jeff Simmerman, on How exercise affects diabetes management, How to exercise safety, and How to make every move count.

    Call to reserve your space at (406) 363-2211 or sing-up online at the Marcus Daly Hospital website.