The second year for America's Super Ms competition has brought to Hamilton over 30 women of all ages.

The unique pageant also promotes seat belt safety, along with the expected pageant activities - judges interviews, evening gown, photogenic, athletic attire/swimsuit and platform presentation.

And it's a great event for the audience - no admission charge!

The Americ's Super Ms Pageant will be Sunday, June 24, at 7pm at the Hamilton High School Performing Arts Center.The theme is "Buckle Up."

Janet Bierer, director of the pageants, lost her daughter, Allanya,  in a car accident in the Bitterroot Valley. She had not been wearing her seat belt.

Janet said that her goal in creating the Super Pageant is "to help save just ONE mother from feeling the pain I feel each day, by promoting Seat Belt use on the banners of every delegate in our program."

The contestants have been touring the valley, promoting the pageant and about 25 of them were on the KLYQ Event Show Friday. They comes from many different states, including Texas, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, South Carolina, and of course, from various parts of Montana. The age categories include Super Mrs, Super Classic, Super Miss, and Super Pre-Teen.