Daly Days in Hamilton is July 27 and 28, but those who attended last years "Buy Local Auction" have been preparing for this year's auction.

The event was well attended last year, as top quality merchandise was auctioned off at the corner of 3rd and Main and not a dollar changed hands.

Bidders used receipts from purchases they made in the months before at Hamilton area merchants. The amount of money on the receipts was the amount they could bid. The bidding was hot and heavy, with some folks bringing in proof of purchase of a vehicle at a local car dealer.

The second annual auction will be Friday, July 27 at the same place with the same quality merchandise on the auction block. But you can start preparing now, simply by shopping locally. Participating merchants have display envelopes in their stores.

Details of the auction were on the air today during "Talkback" on KLYQ and KGVO.