Auditions are always dreaded in places like Hollywood or New York, but not in Hamilton, Montana.

The Hamilton Players have perfected the "Montana-style" auditions, where you are smiling through most of the evening and are among friends. Add to that the mighty fine odds that you'll get a part in the play, and there's no reason not to try out (ok, a double negative, but it works).

The big summer musical for the Players this year is the classic "The Music Man." And there are plenty of parts for the entire age range. You can be on summer vacation from school or retired or have a day job, and there's a need for someone like you.

Also, there's always a need for volunteers who like to work "behind the scenes," building sets, working on costumes, helping with all the things that it takes to put on one of these productions.

you don't have much time to cogitate over this . Decide today! Why?

Well, the auditions are Monday April 28 and Tuesday April 29 at 7 p.m. at the Hamilton Playhouse. If you need more information, check the "Auditions" page at the Hamilton Players website.

Then, show up!