With the election of school trustee Nancy Ballance to the Montana state legislature, the Hamilton School Board is short one member.

An appointment will be necessary to fill out Ballance's term of office, and the board has asked members of Hamilton School District #3 to apply.

Letters of interest will be accepted at the District Office (see photo), across the street from Daly Elementary School. On that letter, applicants must have name, address, telephone number and must have answers to the following questions:

  • Number of years you have lived in the district.
  • Your educational and career background.
  • What is your personal vision for public education?
  • What is opinion of the recently passed District Missions and Goals?
  • What is the most significant challenge facing the district?
  • Do you have concerns about school curriculum or extracurricular activities?
  • Why do you want be on the board?
  • The letter must be submitted by January 2 of 2013. Interviews will be held during the second week of January.

    If you have questions, call Cathy Binando at 363-2280 - extension 512.