The bond that paid for construction of the new Hamilton High School is being retired. However, school officials see that as an opportunity to continue improvements throughout the public school district.

At a Town Meeting Wednesday night, March 1, the School Board and Hamilton Superintendent Tom Korst will present a proposal that continues the current tax levels for the district residents, but makes some significant changes in the facilities.

Here's the plan, in general terms:

  • A new bond would replace the current bond, which would not change tax bills, according to Korst.
  • That new bond, along with sale of some school property would allow the district to have three schools - Daly School with kindergarten through fourth grade students, the Middle School with grades five through eight, and the High School with grades nine through 12.
  • The Washington School property on North 5th Street would be sold and the old Westview School and Haynes Football field areas would be sold.
  • New classrooms and a new gymnasium would be built at Daly School, and the sports area at Hamilton High School would have a new football stadium and track.
  • The general fund levy and bond requests would probably be on a June special election ballot for the Hamilton School District.

    The Town Meeting is from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the auditorium of the Hamilton Middle School on South 5th Street.

    The School Board will have its regular meeting March 14, also at the Middle School auditorium, and the bond issue will be on the agenda.

    By the way, two school board members are up for election in May. That will be a mail-in election.