Tomorrow, March 29, is the deadline to file for election to the Hamilton School Board. Three trustee positions are open this year - those of David Bedey, Corrine Gantt and Jerry Jesse. Each is a three-year term. And, its a volunteer position.

You need to get about 20 registered voters in the district to sign your nomination petition, and then fill out your Oath of Candidacy and form C-1-A. You can get the forms at the School Administration building, across the street from the Daly Elementary School at 217 Daly Avenue.

Other reminders:

  • The regular voter registration closed April 9. However, since the Ravalli County Election Office is conducting this election, you can register even on Election Day.
  • Absentee ballots will be available on April 18.
  • The School Election is May 8th. Absentee ballots must be turned in by 8pm at the County Election Office at the County Administrative Center on South 4th Street or Hamilton High School on Fairgrounds Road.