The Montana Department of Commerce has awarded a $25,000 grant to the Hamilton School District (HSD3).

The money, which must be matched by about $6,000 from the school district, will be used to do a thorough examination of the Daly Elementary School and plan improvements that will be submitted for a future project grant from the state.

The school was conceived as an "open" classroom when it was first built, and has since been remodeled to provide more traditional rooms. Improvements have also been made for energy savings. A problem with the building's foundation in the area of the bathrooms has plagued the district, also.

Duby Santee, HSD3 superintendent, said in a news release, "This grant is very important for our future efforts to obtain funding for improvements to the Daly School. We were successful with this approach in receiving a $750,000 grant to update the heating system at Washington school this coming summer."

Santee referred to the plan to replace the decades-old heating plant at the Washington School, which has been failing over the past few years. Construction is expected to start after school dismisses in June.