No one will have ask Candice Dunagan if she's decided which school she's attending after graduation this weekend from Hamilton High School.

Candice was appointed to the United States Merchant Marine Academy - the only appointment from the state of Montana this year.

In fact, Only 275 high school seniors from a list of over two thousand are appointed to the US Merchant Marine Academy.

Dunagan was notified last week and a representative from Rep. Denny Rehberg presented her with a certificate at Senior Awards Night at Hamilton High.

She had been nominated by Rehberg and US Senator Max Baucus. The appointment equals a scholarship worth over $200,000 in the 4-year period.  The academy is at Kings Point, New York - on the north shore of Long Island.

At the Academy, Candice will spend three trimesters at sea and will be on her way to a Bachelor of Science Degree, a US Merchant Marine Officer's License as either a Deck Officer or an Engineering Officer and an Ensign's commission in the US Navy Reserve.