The street work continues in Hamilton, but at a little slower pace than expected, according to Director of Public Works Keith Smith.

The plans were to mill the top layer of the old pavement on a couple of blocks of State and Pine Streets last week and this week, and then repave the surfaces before the Labor Day weekend.

The milling machine, however, decided not to cooperate. The Pine Street project has been postponed until Tuesday, September 4, when the milling portion of the project will be done. Then, the next day, September 5, the paving will be be done.

The milling was completed on State Street between 4th and 6th Streets, and repaving is being done this week. That part of the project will be finished in time for the first day of school September 4.

However, Pine Street will be closed from North 4th to North 9th Street Tuesday and Wednesday of next week during the repaving job there.