The Hamilton High School Speech Coach, Dee Hallock, has been honored with the Class A Drama Coach of the Year award by the Montana Forensic Educators Association.

The presentation was made at the MFEA conference this past weekend.

Dee was an assistant speech coach for Hamilton High in 1999, and became head coach a year later. She's held that position for 11 years, while also serving as a Resource/Special Ed teacher. She's been part of the Hamilton School District for 23 years.

This year, Hamilton placed 3rd in Drama at State, with Whitney Cleveland and Karis Bedey becoming champions in Serious Duo acting.

Hallock thanked her students and their parents, along with the community members who support the local speech meets. She also gave kudos to her assistant coach Jeff Lowe.

Hallock said, in a news release, "Why I first started as a coach, Doug and Michelle McConnaha were great well as the newest Hall of Fame inductee from Loyola, Matt Stergios. To the many colleagues who gave me this honor, it is greatly appreciated."

Hamilton High School Principal Kevin Conwell applauded Hallock, saying, "The positive impact that she had had on so many impossible to measure, but I am sure one day these students will realize how much they learned...and what a great coach they had in Mrs Hallock."