In 1977, we on planet Earth received an odd signal at a radio observatory that was looking for evidence of alien civilizations.

It was a combination of letters and numbers that arrived on August 15th, it lasted over a minute and has never been repeated.  The research assistant who spotted it on a computer printout, wrote "WOW!" in the column and circled the sequence - 6EQUJ5.

Since then, scientists have studied the transmission, studied the location where it might've originated and can't prove whether it was an intelligent transmission or just an odd natural radio wave.

But, we've never responded, either. Until yesterday.

National Geographic has a new UFO program on their schedule, "Chasing UFOs," and the producers decided to get a response sent "out there." They asked for submissions and got a few - over 20,000!  They digitized the messages and sent them out at 10 a.m. Mountain Time from the Arecibo radio dish in Puerto Rico.

And, they sent this message from comedian and TV host Stephen Colbert. Enjoy!

Thanks to Youtube, National Geographic and Stephen Colbert for a bright spot in our day.