Henson Alternative's "Stuffed and Unstrung (Uncensored)" will top off the Bitterroot Performing Arts Series April 6th.

The show combines improv comedians with Muppet-style puppets and occasionally some "adult" topics - something you'll never see on Sesame Street!

The stage will be filled with actors manipulating the puppets, while on a giant screen you'll be able to see just the puppets. It's a split-focus routine that has been critically acclaimed wherever the show has been presented.

Patrick Bristow, a master at improv comedy, is the host for the show, with the audience invited to make suggestions of scenes and topics throughout the evening.

Add a little music and an amazing collection of puppets and you've got a memorable performance. The show will be at the Hamilton High School Performing Arts Center at 8 p.m. Saturday April 6.

The tickets are on sale at the Bitterroot Performing Arts Box Office, 127 West Main in Hamilton. Call (406) 363-7946.