The weekly Tuesday at 12 concert will feature The Bitterroot Brass.
You might not have heard of them, because band leader Gary Gillette just thought of the name yesterday. Not really, but whenever we ask him to be part of the free noon concert series in Hamilton, he always puts together an eclectic pile of songs and some very talented musicians.

And since he likes trombones, tubas and the like, the more brass instruments the better.

So prepare to be entertained at this week's presentation.

And you can sit in the shade this week. The new high tech shade structure has been installed at the revamped Legion Park. Many folks enjoyed it last week as they listened to the Mudflaps.

Hamilton Mayor Jerry Steele said this is another main part of the Phase One reconstruction of the popular park. Yet to come, as the budget allows, will be another shelter that can double as a bandstand and more improvements along the alley. That's part of Phase Two.