I was checking out what Rudy Maxa would be talking about on his weekend travel show, heard on KLYQ at 3pm Saturday and 11am Sunday every week, and noticed a link to tackytouristphotos.com.
The site has some pretty funny "gag" photos taken by people like you and me, and also some of the worst vacation shots that should've been deleted before anyone saw 'em.
But, y'know, that's what the Web is all about. It's a bit of the best and a lot of the worst we humans can create. And as more and more people from all ages and all backgrounds get involved, it's harder and harder to pinpoint who uses the web. It used to be a place for computer nerds and self-styled "geeks," but now...
Anyway, it's a fun website and slightly risque, but then again, so's the Web!