St Patrick's Day in Butte, America, is on quite a few Montanans' bucket lists. And those "in the know" have already experienced one of the great American Irish celebrations.

And, since it's on a weekend, the celebrations are happening on both Saturday and Sunday. That puts a little strain on the law enforcement folks, who are trying to keep the roads safe. Help them out. If you are going to consume some "adult beverages,' don't get behind the wheel of a car. Find a non-drinking friend to drive.

In Montana, we often can walk to our nearby celebration. Do that.

There are a quite a few celebrations "on-line." Watch them at home.

And, it's not just Butte that has extra patrols. For instance, Jordan Johnson reports the Missoula County Sheriff's Office will have extra patrols in and around Missoula.

Remember. Your own bed is much more comfortable than a jail cell cot. And if you get picked up for DUI, your name gets in the paper, your driving record is besmirched and your insurance rates....up, up, up.

Have fun, but don't play in traffic!