One of our favorite people at this year's Ravalli County Fair was "Cowgirl Tricks," who wandered up and down the midway and into the exhibit buildings with her "stilted" costume, talking to people and doing amusing rope tricks.

At KLYQ's Entertainment Stage Friday afternoon, we managed to get her down off her stilts and on stage for a great roping and whip-cracking show. The folks who were lucky enough to see her enjoyed a whole new aspect of her talents, including a record-breaking lasso that barely fit inside the tent.

Topping it off (pun intended) Saturday afternoon, she came back out into the midway, even taller, as a senior citizen with the world's tallest walker. And the cameras came out again.

So, from KLYQ to Cowgirl Tricks, we thank you for keeping the fun happening at this year's Ravalli County Fair!