It's more than just a line from a movie. (Which you remember?)
Did you get a cell phone for Christmas? If so, you're not alone.
Those who keep track of such numbers say that 3.7 million new Android smartphones were activated Christmas weekend. In fact, activation of iOS (Apple) and Android combined were up 142 percent from a year ago.
The company, Flurry, provided some figures in a Computerworld article. They said that total activations were 6.8 million -- that includes iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the Android phone and tablets.
Google said that 3.7 million Android activations were recorded in two days alone - Dec 24 and 25.
Put those numbers into the mix with televisions, game consoles and eReaders and you've got a good idea on how electronics has dominated gift-giving in the US.
However, those of us who got sweaters are thankful, too.