This summer's signal and intersection safety upgrade to Hamilton's Main Street intersection at US 93 continues.

The drivers have gotten used to the single lane closures and the longer waits at Hamilton's intersections, but now, to get to Hamilton's Main Street, you need to turn at Pinckney or State Street and use North or South 2nd Street.

Street crews closed the west Main Street portion of the intersection Wednesday. Further closures are planned as the project continues.

The US 93 corridor between Hamilton and Missoula has seen safety upgrades on many intersections including Victor, Lolo and Florence.

Meanwhile, a large scale micro-surfacing project is now slowing daily traffic on US 93 between Lolo and Missoula.

Riverside Contracting and the Montana Department of Transportation have advised motorists to expect traffic delays and slow moving traffic and to obey all construction signs and flaggers.