The first day of the Jordan Johnson rape trial brought hundreds of potential jurors, prosecuting and defense attorneys, a District Court judge, and one defendant, all together in the Holiday Inn.

Representing the state, lead prosecutor Suzy Boylen and Joel Thompson from the Attorney General's office. For the defense, David Paoli and Kirsten Pabst. While the attorneys plied potential jurors with questions, Jordan Johnson sat stone-faced throughout the day.

Joel Thompson asked a panel of 39 potential jurors at a time questions about date rape, the possible psychological and physiological damage a rape victim might experience, why people lie, and if they would be offended by hearing sexually explicit testimony. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds heard hours of questions to help attorneys on both sides decide which jurors might be accepted or excluded.12 jurors and 5 alternates will eventually be selected.

At stake is a possible life sentence for the defendant if he is found guilty of sexual intercourse without consent.

Once the jury is empaneled, testimony will get underway in District Court.