Attorneys representing suspended Montana Grizzly quarterback Jordan Johnson have made their motion for dismissal public.

The document presents a vastly different version of what happened between Johnson and the victim of the alleged sexual assault than was stated in the charging documents.

In addition, Johnson’s attorneys state:

“In seeking leave to file its charge against Jordan, the State presented to the reviewing magistrate a materially incomplete and misleading version of the facts in its Affidavit of Probable Cause. The State then sent this incomplete, misleading and prejudicial document to multiple members of the media Such conduct by the State violates Jordan’s right to Due Process under the Montana Constitution and the United States Constitution. Based upon the conduct of the State and considering the omitted and corrected facts that should have been contained in the charging documents, dismissal is the only appropriate remedy.”

Johnson was charged with sexual intercourse without consent, and entered a plea of not guilty yesterday, Aug. 7.

Lead Attorney for Jordan Johnson David Paoli