With his hair looking a little more normal than during his annual fundraising "Get That Boy A Haircut", Dominic Farrenkopf has visited KLYQ to promote the second annual Ravalli County Fair Poetry Contest.

He established the event last year and had a good response. So, he's hoping for more entries this year.

And to get things off to a good start, he and I (Steve Fullerton) read poems on the Event Show Friday on KLYQ Radio.

I read one sent in to Mary and me by Bernie Mogensen, written a couple of years ago upon hearing a bit Mary and I did about cliches.  Dominic responded with one of his favorites.

And just for you, here's a new one he wrote for the KLYQ website!

The Write It Right Rite


By: Dominic “Flominic” Farrenkopf   Copyright 7-5-2012

How will a compliant poet,

perform the homonym ritual?

With the write it right rite,

and then hope it won’t become habitual.


What will a confidant king do,

in wet weather with half a halter?

He will reign with a rein in the rain,

and he’ll do it without falter.


What will nicely dressed twins with a sharp knife,

do to their ripe yellow fruit?

The pair will pare their pear,

and then try not to spill the juice on their suit.


What will a policeman do,

when a building zone’s in violation?

He will cite, the site on sight,

and he’ll do it without hesitation.


What will I do when I marry,

land enclosed by water on each side?

With my isle, I’ll walk the aisle,

but it had better be wide!


What will a mad sleuth do to his bonus,

with his magnifying glass?

He will raze his raise with rays,

even though it will upset the top brass.


What will a pondering artist do,

looking at a bad sculpture mold?

She will pore over the poor pour,

for hours and hours I am told.


What will a thorough driller do,

to the side of a wooden row boat?

He’d put the whole hole in the hull,

and that dinghy will no longer float.


What time is it when your delinquent hair,

is ready for morning mist?

I’d say your do is due for dew,

and maybe some fog for a nice twist.


What should I call a female sheep,

yourself, and a spindly old tree?

Why I’d say, you, ewe and a yew,

make up a pretty good group of three.


How did a baker,

kick the habit of his dough rolling addiction?

He kneed his need to knead,

and he used some flour to prevent friction.


What did the coin dealer do,

when she mailed the penny’s aroma?

She sent the scent of the cent.

Breathing it too deep could cause a coma.


What would a warning shout be,

to a barbershop quartet on the course?

It would be a fore for four.

Being startled, their voices will be hoarse.


You must choose between,

a geological sample and a paddle.

It’s either ore or oar,

but please choose soon… and end this silly prattle.


Check the Ravalli County Fair premium book for details on the contest.