KLYQ has hosted the Ravalli County Fair's "Free Stage" for years now.

We provide the sound equipment and the stage, you provide the talent. And, we have had quite a variety of talent - from dancers to singers.

For instance, last year, a new group called Temper-Airily asked to be included. They "delivered the goods" to an appreciative crowd and have been performing regularly throughout the area  since then.

We have some openings this year in the schedule. Here's the deal - you don't get paid and we don't charge - it is a Free stage, after all. Our buddy Rob tweaks the sound for us and we can whip up a pretty good introduction for your performance. If you're interested, call us at 363-3010 and we'll talk. The Ravalli County Fair is August 29 through September 1 and we have openings on every day except Saturday.