"Follow the Sheep Trail" is a fun scavenger hunt/hide-and-seek game that the Hamilton Downtown Association is starting Friday night, December 9.

Little toy-sized rams and ewes have been created by the Knotty Knitters of the Bitterroot. The 14 lambs have been placed in an area business.

Participating kids can pick up a free entry form at many stores. When they find each sheep, they are to write down the name of that little lamb until they have found them all. There's a tag with the name on each sheep.

Among the hidden sheep are Sue the Ewe, Ewe-nice, Ram-sy, Ewe-la and the large grey Sir Lambs-a-lot.

The search will last one week. Next Friday, December 16, completed entries will be put in a hat and a random drawing will determine who gets to keep each of the sheep.

"Wandering shepherds" will have entry forms and will explain the rules on Main Street Friday, December 9, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Extra forms will be available at Chapter One Book Store.

The contest is part of the HDA's Friday special shopping nights during December.