Students heading back to Lolo Public Schools won’t have a full-time nurse anymore now that an anonymous grant that funded the position for four years has expired. Lolo Public School District 7 Superintendent Mike Magone explains.

“We ran a levy last spring which included the funding for a nurse position,” said Magone. “The levy narrowly failed and as a result we trimmed away to fit at least a part time nurse into our employment lineup and services so that we can at least provide for those critical and real serious important medical conditions.”

According to Magone, even the part-time nurse position will be difficult to pay for.

“It has been tricky because it is really hard to get rid of anything at this point because we are kind of down to the basic needs,” Magone said. “We are hoping for a light winter and lower utility bills so that there may be some funds left over. Depending on where we are in other budget categories, hopefully we can pinch things together to be able to fund that position.”

Magone says if a student is in need of serious medical attention and the nurse is not available, parents will be called to pick up their child to provide treatment. In case of an emergency, 911 will be called.