The Bitterroot Valley of Montana has seen line after line of thunderstorm cells moving east, rumbling and lighting up the sky as they go. Some have set off new forest fires.

The weather forecasters expect a few more storms coming our way before the weather pattern changes by the weekend.

Photographer Mike Daniels, whose Roaring Lion Fire photos have been shared countlessly throughout the internet, turned his camera skyward the evening of August 8th and caught a few lightning bolts, backlighting the clouds and connecting with the ground.

He also caught a rare phenomenon that has only recently been studied - sprites. Two of them are visible in the photo below. They are described as electrical discharges far above the thunderstorms.

Scientists say that lightning can happen as a positive or negative electric charge. Researchers think the sprites are somehow tied to the positive lightning bolts. Sprites have been photographed from the ground and from above, in the International Space Station.

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A rare look at sprites August 8 in Montana. (Mike Daniels photo, Townsquare Media)