The Missoula County Clerk and Recording and Elections Department has released the names of candidates for school trusteeships. Names and contact information are as follows:

For Missoula Elementary #1

Scott Bixler (theee year term)                       728-0678 or 329-3655

Scott Todd (one year term)                           549-2157 or (503) 936-4676

Diane R Lorenzen (three year term)            549-3995 or 531-0195

Rose Dickson (one year term)                     214-9467

Julie Tompkins (three year term)                  241-5396 or 243-6284

Michael Beers (three year term )                  360-8669 or 7281630

Joe Toth (three year term)                             728-7466 or 274-0423

For Missoula High School District A

Drake Anderson Lemm        273-0448

Ann Wake                             552-8063

For Hellgate #4  (to serve a three year term)

John K Babon          549-9835

Debi Turner             7281210

Lori Hodge              407-0588

Kate Walker            396-4125

Fore Target Range School District

Kris Crawford (three year term)            546-6412

David Cook (three year term)                544-0575

Sharon Stebis (two year term)              327-1540  or5440478

Kathleen Harvey (three year term)        251-4664

Catherine Mikesell (two year term)        2743897

For Lolo School District #7

Clint Arneson               273-3864

Brandon Wright           273-2604

Paula Crews                273-7977

For Frenchtown School District #40

Dianne Marie Burke                626-4594

David Weber                           626-2467 or 830-3290