The night is filled with tales of the strange and unexplainable...if you know where to listen.

KLYQ Radio has been happy to bring you the most popular overnight radio show in the nation for several years now. Coast to Coast AM provides a platform for people to talk about just about anything - and they do.

Every Halloween, the program opens the phone lines to people from across the nation and now the world who have had ghostly encounters.

Art Bell started the tradition when he hosted the show from the "high desert" and now George Noory brings the "Ghost to Ghost program to the airwaves Halloween night. KLYQ at 1240 on the AM dial airs the show live, starting at 11 p.m. And because it's live, you - yes, you - can even call in and be on the radio.

Otherwise, Wednesday night, sit back with the fireplace crackling and the candles flickering and listen to others who have seen "something"...and maybe that "something" has looked back.

By the way, we also Stream the show on-line. Go to our home page and punch the "Listen Live" button. It's absolutely free.

It's also free on your smartphone. Download the free app "RadioPup," find KLYQ in the Missoula listings and highlight us. Enjoy!