Students at Lolo Public Schools started the school year without a full time nurse on staff due to a lack of funding. Lolo Public School District 7 Superintendent Mike Magone explains.

“For the last four years we have had a full time nurse, but we knew the grant was coming to an end,” said Magone. “We communicated that to the community at the levy request there for the nurse. The levy narrowly failed so we kind of adjusted our budgets and really tightened the belt because we knew we needed to have at least a part time nurse.”

An anonymous foundation took action yet again when they discovered that Lolo Public schools didn’t have enough money to fund a full time nurse position.

“For the past four years we have been fortunate enough to have an anonymous foundation fund a full time nurse position for us,” Magone said. “Prior to that, we didn’t have a full time nurse. The same anonymous foundation stepped up to the plate for us and said we will help you out for the remainder of this year and pay the rest of the funds that it would take to have that full time nurse.”

According to Magone, a full time nurse was put in place on Monday.