The low success rate for hunters in the Montana wolf hunting season has concerned the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission. The quota is 220 wolves and only 76 had been taken as of November 16.
Ron Aasheim reported that the commission will consider extending the season from its current end date of December 31 to January 31 of 2012. The commissioners will discuss the idea at their meeting in December.
They will also talk about the idea of letting hunters participate in wolf depredation removals, outside of the hunting season. Usually, Montana game wardens are called in. In the new proposal, the landowner where the depredation has taken place would be allowed to pick which hunters are authorized to participate.
All removals would be under the FWP rules and regulations.
Comments on either proposal can be done on-line at
In the Bitterroot Valley, lower elk populations in the West Fork are blamed on wolves, and the wolf hunting success in that district has been low, also.